Lash Boutique carries the largest selection of lashes. We offer a range of extensions for you to choose from in a variety of different materials, including individual semi-permanent lashes of either synthetic, silk, human hair, 100% mink and faux mink. We also offer variations in thickness, length, curl and color for a truly unique look.

Not sure what look you're after? We're here to help you decide!

Lash Sets

Flirt Set | 20 Lashes (40 total) | $75
For those who wish to just dabble in extensions or enhance their own with a cat eye effect this set is the perfect choice! Ideal for those who are looking for that extra little some!

Natural Set | 45 Lashes (90 total) | $150
Full set of 45 lashes per eye. Our Natural look will enhance your lashes so they are longer, thicker and more luscious than before, while maintaining a slightly more conservative look than our other sets.

Signature Set | 65 Lashes (130 total) | $250
Full set of 65 lashes per eye. Our most popular look, the Classic set of lashes adds additional definition and thickness to create a style that is stunning, yet looks effortless.

Gorgeous Set 85 Lashes | (170 total) | $350
Full set of 85 lashes per eye. Our Gorgeous set is perfect for those clients who really want their eyes to pop with ultra-full, look-at-me lashes.

Dramatic Set 105 Lashes | (210 total) | $450
Full set of 105 lashes per eye. Our Dramatic look is nothing short of glamorous. This set is ideal for those who want a bold, daring, over-the-top set of lashes.


20 Lashes | 2 Week Fill | $45
Client must come at two weeks from their previous application, if not then a new set must be applied.

45 Lashes

1 Week Fill$75
2 Week Fill$110
3 Week Fill | NEW SET$150

65 Lashes | 85 Lashes | 105 Lashes

1 Week Fill$110
2 Week Fill$132
3 Week Fill$132
4 Week Fill$165
5 Week Fill$220

Lash Removal | $75

Et Cetera

Referral Program
For every client you refer** who schedules with us you will receive 20% off your following touch up.

**Referred client must attend their scheduled appointment before you receive the discounted touch up.

Lash Boutique's Ultimate Prepaid Card
Pay for all things lashes (services and products) with LB's ultimate prepaid card...we even give you a little extra for loving your lashes ;)

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Lash Loyalty Card
Lash Loyalty Card is Lash Boutique's Rewards Program. For every fill you come in for you receive a punch, after 10 fills you get your 11th fill 50% off! It's our way of thanking the best clients in NYC!

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