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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

7 Aug

Alopecia Areata is a condition in which an autoimmune response causes hair loss, including the loss of eyelashes. About 2 percent of Americans have some form of the disease. Any part of the body with hair can be affected, but eyelashes and eyebrows typically only fall out in people with severe cases. Furthermore, cases of alopecia involving only the eyelashes are extremely rare. Eyelash extensions can sometimes be a good option for those affected by Alopecia.

Because eyelash extensions must be applied one by one to each individual natural lash, you must have some lashes to receive the procedure. As with all eyelash extensions, the length of extensions that you are able to wear depends on the length of your natural eyelash. Clients with very limited lashes can receive eyelash extensions, so long as the lashes are strong enough to support the weight of the extensions. In many situations, eyelash extensions can be applied to those who have the condition, but every case is different.

In order to create more volume with less extensions, 2 strand Y-lash extensions can be applied to individual lashes. These lashes are made of two individual eyelash extensions that are joined together without a knot. The fact that there is no knot makes the extensions sit properly on the lash without extra bulk at the base of the lash. Standard synthetic lashes may be too heavy to sit on weakened eyelashes. If this is the case it may be better to try eyelash extensions that are made from genuine siberian mink, or human hair. These types of extensions are much lighter, so they will not weigh down fine lashes. The porous nature of natural fibers also adheres better to the lashes.

One inspiring young woman who has Alopecia is former Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell. She has been bald since the age of 12 and by the time she was 13, she had full blown alopecia. But that didn’t stop her from rocking out pageants.






Beauty comes in many different forms!


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1 Oct

A few months ago we posted a blog which listed recommendations on what to look for in an eyelash extension stylist and while we know our great clients of Lash Boutique all took a moment to read the posting we just wished more people were capable of learning from it as we had a Las Vegas native who was visiting the big apple for a week of fun, who prior to her arrival in NYC had gotten eyelash extensions from her favorite nail salon in NV.

When she had checked in at a nearby hotel where she inquired with guest services where she would be able to go to have the lashes removed as they were extremely uncomfortable and irritating.  They immediately sent her to LB where we were more than happy to alleviate her from her discomfort.  Upon initially meeting with the client, we thought that the lashes were bothersome simply because she was not accustomed to them, but as she was telling us how much they were hurting her and as we were able to get a thorough look, we saw the grotesque application for all its glory.

As many know, the best eyelash extensions are individually applied to your natural lashes and while many proclaim to have the ability to do an amazing set of lashes, this is a skill that requires a lot of patience as well as care.  The eye area is comprised of very delicate and thin tissue and may be easily irritated.  With this application, there was improper use of an adhesive that was not suitable for eyelash extensions and for many of the synthetic lashes applied, one synthetic was adhered to SEVERAL natural lashes.  A removal process that at most would have taken a fraction of the time to remove a full set of properly applied lashes, took just over an hour and was brutally painful for the woman who wanted to keep her natural eyelashes.

This was by far the worse example of the saying “Beauty is Pain”.

Remember to do your research ladies and if you find yourself too overwhelmed by all your efforts and are still having a hard time selecting a technician, give Lash Boutique a call and we’ll be more than happy to take that worry off of your hands and schedule you to meet with one of our skilled professional technicians.

Take $15 Off LashDip Application

3 May

We are currently offering LashDip here at Lash Boutique to new and current clients for $15 off! Like an extended coat of mascara on your bottom natural lashes, LashDip darkens your natural lashes and can last up to six weeks. As a thank you for being such wonderful clients, we would like to offer you $15 off LashDip on your lower lashes only (normally $55, but you pay only $40). Please schedule extra time in advance after your lash extension appointment for the LashDip application.



Wild Lashes, Meet Gorgeous Lashes

9 Sep

Even if your natural eyelashes are pointed in different directions, we can make them look gorgeous with a full set of eyelash extensions! This new client has lashes that are a bit unruly and wild, but I was easily able to give her a tame, long, stunning set of lash extensions. Don’t you love?

Suffering From Runny Mascara? Here’s Your Answer!

21 Aug

Wow, lucky me — two posts in one month! After publishing this amazing feature on Lash Boutique and the art of eyelash extensions, LadyBowTie.com then approached me with a beauty question from one of her readers. I’m always happy to help! This particular reader was having issues with runny mascara (especially in these sweaty summer months!), so I told them not only about lash extensions, but also about LashDip, which we do offer here at Lash Boutique. Check out the full story on LadyBowTie.com!

Also be sure to check out the recent Lash Boutique eyelash extension feature on LadyBowTie.com.

Eyelash Extensions Vs. Mascara

29 Jul

This brave woman volunteered to be a “live” before-and-after example of Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions during a recent beauty expo — this means she had to walk around with one eye that had a full set of extensions and one eye with only natural lashes. Yikes! When she wasn’t on the job, she tried her best to even out the lash length with excessive use of an eyelash curler and numerous coats of mascara, see above. The verdict is obvious; nothing compares to a beautiful set of eyelash extensions! [ExtremeLashes.com]

LashDip In Vogue Magazine

2 Jun

Check out this amazing full-page LashDip feature in last month’s issue of Vogue magazine! Click to read the article in full. As you may know, I now have LashDip services available at the Boutique, and I’m offering LashDip FREE of charge on the lower lashes for current clients who come in for a lash refill throughout all of June. Simply request the procedure during your refill appointment. Information on LashDip prices at Lash Boutique will be posted soon. xx

Blonde Lash Love

25 May

This new client came in with really fine, light blonde eyelashes. She said she wanted a dramatic set, which is what I gave her. She was thrilled and couldn’t believe how natural the lashes look! Dramatic, yet natural, and her lashes are so light to begin with… how fab is that?!

LashDip Now At Lash Boutique

15 May

Good news, lovelies! As I mentioned last month, I’ve completed my LashDip classes — my teachers Gina and Jess were beautiful, sweet and completely amazing. I’m thrilled to now offer the LashDip application at Lash Boutique to new and current clients. Like an extended coat of mascara on your top and/or bottom natural lashes, LashDip can last up to six weeks. As a bonus, I’ll be offering LashDip FREE of charge on the lower lashes for current clients who come in for a lash refill throughout May and June. Simply request the procedure during your refill appointment. Hope you love it!

Natural Lashes Post Extensions

17 Dec

I have a client who has been coming to see me for lash extensions regularly for the past four years, touch-ups and all. Once a year, I remove the extensions in order to give her a fresh set.

The photo (left) showcases her NATURAL lashes, after I removed the extensions to apply all new ones. She’s always amazed at how her lashes look — they haven’t changed a bit since before her first lash application.

This just goes to show that Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions don’t break or wear down your natural eyelashes. If anything, they give them a rest from the wear and tear of eye makeup!

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