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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

7 Aug

Alopecia Areata is a condition in which an autoimmune response causes hair loss, including the loss of eyelashes. About 2 percent of Americans have some form of the disease. Any part of the body with hair can be affected, but eyelashes and eyebrows typically only fall out in people with severe cases. Furthermore, cases of alopecia involving only the eyelashes are extremely rare. Eyelash extensions can sometimes be a good option for those affected by Alopecia.

Because eyelash extensions must be applied one by one to each individual natural lash, you must have some lashes to receive the procedure. As with all eyelash extensions, the length of extensions that you are able to wear depends on the length of your natural eyelash. Clients with very limited lashes can receive eyelash extensions, so long as the lashes are strong enough to support the weight of the extensions. In many situations, eyelash extensions can be applied to those who have the condition, but every case is different.

In order to create more volume with less extensions, 2 strand Y-lash extensions can be applied to individual lashes. These lashes are made of two individual eyelash extensions that are joined together without a knot. The fact that there is no knot makes the extensions sit properly on the lash without extra bulk at the base of the lash. Standard synthetic lashes may be too heavy to sit on weakened eyelashes. If this is the case it may be better to try eyelash extensions that are made from genuine siberian mink, or human hair. These types of extensions are much lighter, so they will not weigh down fine lashes. The porous nature of natural fibers also adheres better to the lashes.

One inspiring young woman who has Alopecia is former Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell. She has been bald since the age of 12 and by the time she was 13, she had full blown alopecia. But that didn’t stop her from rocking out pageants.






Beauty comes in many different forms!


Sources: Dermatology Online Journal, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, People.com


1 Oct

A few months ago we posted a blog which listed recommendations on what to look for in an eyelash extension stylist and while we know our great clients of Lash Boutique all took a moment to read the posting we just wished more people were capable of learning from it as we had a Las Vegas native who was visiting the big apple for a week of fun, who prior to her arrival in NYC had gotten eyelash extensions from her favorite nail salon in NV.

When she had checked in at a nearby hotel where she inquired with guest services where she would be able to go to have the lashes removed as they were extremely uncomfortable and irritating.  They immediately sent her to LB where we were more than happy to alleviate her from her discomfort.  Upon initially meeting with the client, we thought that the lashes were bothersome simply because she was not accustomed to them, but as she was telling us how much they were hurting her and as we were able to get a thorough look, we saw the grotesque application for all its glory.

As many know, the best eyelash extensions are individually applied to your natural lashes and while many proclaim to have the ability to do an amazing set of lashes, this is a skill that requires a lot of patience as well as care.  The eye area is comprised of very delicate and thin tissue and may be easily irritated.  With this application, there was improper use of an adhesive that was not suitable for eyelash extensions and for many of the synthetic lashes applied, one synthetic was adhered to SEVERAL natural lashes.  A removal process that at most would have taken a fraction of the time to remove a full set of properly applied lashes, took just over an hour and was brutally painful for the woman who wanted to keep her natural eyelashes.

This was by far the worse example of the saying “Beauty is Pain”.

Remember to do your research ladies and if you find yourself too overwhelmed by all your efforts and are still having a hard time selecting a technician, give Lash Boutique a call and we’ll be more than happy to take that worry off of your hands and schedule you to meet with one of our skilled professional technicians.

Do The Dog Days of Summer Have Your Lashes in a Frenzy?

14 Aug

Do The Dog Days of Summer Have Your Lashes In A Frenzy?

While lashes may be suitable for all kinds of wonderful summer play, the adhesive is a bit more picky on what it finds suitable as fun…well, at least in the first 24 hours that is. Throughout the seven years Lash Boutique has been in business we have come to notice that while the summer is almost over, some of the hottest, most humid days are awaiting and if your lashes upon application are not tended to with a little bit more diligence you may promote premature shedding. We want your lashes to last as long as your natural lashes, so these tips are recommended to prevent premature shedding of your synthetic lashes.

1. With all the added moisture in the air it is important to abide by the rule of not getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours.

2. For many of us being fit is a part of our lifestyle and the added oils and sweat that your body is currently producing also effects the way the adhesive bonds the synthetic lash with your natural lashes, so we also ask that you please work out prior to your lash application or wait until the next day to continue with your regular workout routines.

3. It is important that your make up remover be OIL-FREE. Your body is producing enough oils to maintain the health of your lashes and while adding more may not be detrimental to your eye it sure is to your eyelash extensions. By not verifying that your make-up remover is OIL-FREE you’ll be sure to notice the loss of your lashes more quickly than you would had it been.

4. We recommend using Xtreme Lashes® Protective Coating. This is applied the same way you would mascara, however, it is clear and adds a luster to your lashes. This formulation coats and seals the area where the bond of the adhesive meets your natural lash creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris. You must wait 48 hours after you application to coat your lashes but by doing so you may extend the life of your extensions by 1 to 2 weeks. The short wait is well worth the results.

We know how frustrating it may be to experience the loss of lashes and while we may not have any control over the weather, we want to help you to get the most from your lashes, so try these tips and let us know how they have helped extend your eyelash extensions!

Lash Extension DOs & DON’Ts

20 Jan

Just a few friendly reminders on how to best care for your gorgeous eyelash extensions, my lovelies!

Lash Boutique DON’Ts — please DO NOT:

  • Pick or pull at your lashes
  • Excessively rub your eyes, as this will pull off the extensions prematurely
  • Use a harsh eyelash curler, as this will break the synthetic lashes
  • Apply mascara to the base of the lashes; only on the lash tips
  • Use oil-based products; doing so will dissolve the bond
  • Use cotton balls or swabs directly on the extensions, as fibers can get caught in the bond
  • Overexpose lashes to steam rooms and/or tanning salons, as they can weaken the bond

Lash Boutique DOs — please DO:

  • Brush your lashes daily to create a dramatic, fanned-out look (when brushing, brush from the middle of the lash to the tip)
  • Use the Xtreme Lashes Heated Eyelash Curler (sold here) to help lift and curl your lashes without damaging your extensions
  • Close your eyes and press lashes with a bath towel or paper towel when they get wet; this will remove excess water without weakening the bond
  • Wash around your eyes first when washing your face; when removing eye makeup, use a Q-tip and our formulated eye makeup remover
  • Use products specially formulated for synthetic eyelash extensions

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact me at 347.417.6004 or appointments@lashboutique.com. Photo courtesy of weheartit.com.

Allure.com’s Lash Extension DOs & DON’Ts

28 Sep

This piece on Allure.com serves as a GREAT reminder about the dos and don’ts on getting eyelash extensions. I agree with them all, with the exception of no. 1 — getting a full set at Lash Boutique should take approximately an hour and a half. Also in regards to no. 2, please note that we do sell an eye makeup remover here at the boutique that is safe for use on your extensions. Simply ask about it during your next appointment!

1) Visit the restroom before your appointment. (And lay off the lattes right before.) Seriously. It sounds weird, but if you get a full set of lashes (like I did), the appointment will take two to three hours. That’s a long time to hold it, and it’s not exactly easy to get up and hobble to the ladies room when your eyes are covered with pads and glue.

2) Make sure you have the right eye makeup remover on hand at home. Counterintuitively, removers containing oil (versus oil-free) are what you want to use. Avoid anything with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol), which are often found in oil-free removers—they can break down the lash adhesive.

3) Don’t schedule your appointment the day before a beach vacation—or a big date. You can’t get the lash extensions wet for 24 hours. That means no swimming, showering, hot tubs, or steam rooms.

4) Cancel that facial. Unless you really trust your aesthetician to steer clear of your eyes, beware. Excessive tugging or pulling (not to mention all that rinsing) will shorten the life of your lashes. Better safe than sorry.

5) Stock up on facial cleansing wipes. Turns out it’s really hard to wash your face with traditional cleanser without getting your eyes wet. (Doubly hard if you also happen to have a blowout that you’re trying to preserve, as I learned last night…!) A stash of makeup removing towelettes will make your life a lot easier. —Allure.com

Introducing the Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand

9 Aug

Check out one of the latest products we have to offer here at Lash Boutique! This Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand by Xtreme Lashes is a must for clients who frequently come in for lash refills. It’s great for brushing/fanning out your lash extensions and fits perfectly in your handbag. Click the image above to view how to open the lash wand. Click here to view more of the products we offer at Lash Boutique.

The Importance of Brushing

19 Mar

After receiving your lash extensions (either a full set or a lash touch-up), you might notice that I always give you a lash wand, which looks like a tiny mascara brush.

It is important to brush your Xtreme Lashes lash extensions at least once a day to keep them looking their best. Sleeping, makeup application and touching/rubbing can move the lashes around, causing them to overlap, tangle and create visual gaps.

A slight disarray of lash arrangement might be barely noticeable with natural lashes, but when you add to the volume and length of the lashes with extensions, everything about the lashes stands out — good or bad. A simple 15-second sweep through the lashes with your lash wand in the morning will generally do the trick to put stray lashes in their place!

Lash Extension Touch-Ups

12 Dec

My clients often ask me how often they should come in for eyelash touch-ups to maintain their beautiful set of extensions. Well personally, I recommend coming in every 3-4 weeks for a refill.

Like the hairs on your head, your natural eyelashes shed and grow in a cycle, which is typically about two months. When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new eyelash quick replaces it. On average, we shed between one and five natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. When properly applied, an Xtreme Lashes extension will remain in place until the natural lash on which is rests falls out entirely.

So for this reason, touch-ups (or refills) are necessary to replenish the fallen hairs and maintain the look. I suggest making a touch-up appointment with me during your initial lash application to ensure a time that works with your schedule. Click here for refill prices. Photo courtesy of weheartit.com.

Product Review: Xtreme Heated Eyelash Curler

22 Sep

As you know, I sell many products in my studio that help enhance the beauty and life of your lash extensions. One of them is the Xtreme Heated Eyelash Curler ($35). Please note that you should never use a crimping curler on your extensions, as it can break your lashes or cause them to fall out prematurely. But if you do want to opt for a more dramatic look for a hot date or special occasion, this gentle heated eyelash curler safely applies a long-lasting curl that is non-damaging to your new lash extensions. The curler includes the added benefit of combing and smoothing lashes with its patented comb-style head. Feel free to ask me more about this product during your next appointment.

Allure — Lash Extension Tip

21 Aug

I just stumbled across this great tip on Allure.com about how to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions:

Use a face wipe. “After I get lash extensions, I avoid getting my face wet for a few days in order to keep them intact. I use a wipe to clean my face.” —Heather Muir, beauty news editor

I definitely recommend not getting your lashes wet during the first 24 hours of an application and to take care when washing your face (go light on rubbing your eyes). Cleansing with face wipes will make this even easier to remove dirt and debris from your face and around the delicate eye area. Though I highly recommend using the Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover (I sell it in my studio for $32) with a Q-tip, cleansing wipes are very convenient. I like Philosphy’s One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths ($20, Sephora) or Neutrogena’s Night Calming Cleansing Towelettes ($8, drugstores), which have a nice, soothing scent.

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