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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

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Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

7 Aug

Alopecia Areata is a condition in which an autoimmune response causes hair loss, including the loss of eyelashes. About 2 percent of Americans have some form of the disease. Any part of the body with hair can be affected, but eyelashes and eyebrows typically only fall out in people with severe cases. Furthermore, cases of alopecia involving only the eyelashes are extremely rare. Eyelash extensions can sometimes be a good option for those affected by Alopecia.

Because eyelash extensions must be applied one by one to each individual natural lash, you must have some lashes to receive the procedure. As with all eyelash extensions, the length of extensions that you are able to wear depends on the length of your natural eyelash. Clients with very limited lashes can receive eyelash extensions, so long as the lashes are strong enough to support the weight of the extensions. In many situations, eyelash extensions can be applied to those who have the condition, but every case is different.

In order to create more volume with less extensions, 2 strand Y-lash extensions can be applied to individual lashes. These lashes are made of two individual eyelash extensions that are joined together without a knot. The fact that there is no knot makes the extensions sit properly on the lash without extra bulk at the base of the lash. Standard synthetic lashes may be too heavy to sit on weakened eyelashes. If this is the case it may be better to try eyelash extensions that are made from genuine siberian mink, or human hair. These types of extensions are much lighter, so they will not weigh down fine lashes. The porous nature of natural fibers also adheres better to the lashes.

One inspiring young woman who has Alopecia is former Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell. She has been bald since the age of 12 and by the time she was 13, she had full blown alopecia. But that didn’t stop her from rocking out pageants.






Beauty comes in many different forms!


Sources: Dermatology Online Journal, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, People.com

No More Summer Smudges!

27 Jun


Keeping up with a beauty routine in the summer has its challenges. The heat and humidity can make it nearly impossible for makeup to stay on your face, making your perfectly applied makeup look like an impressionist painting. Fortunately, Xtreme Lash Glideliner has you covered. It’s an eye pencil that you will love if you want a long-wearing liner that is easy to apply, easy to smudge but stays put once it’s set.

This pencil has the sleekness and rich pigment of liquid or gel eyeliner without the difficult application process. Not everyone is adept at creating a perfect cat-eye with liquid liner, but luckily this pencil will give you the same look with a fraction of the effort. It glides on super smoothly and easily without tugging or pulling at your eyelids, leaving a precise line and perfectly defined eye. After applying, you have about 20 seconds of working time before the liner sets, so you can leave it defined or smudge away. The innovative gel technology of the liner is also infused with skin-soothing vitamin E. Best of all, it is formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions. Some products contain ingredients that can break down eyelash extension adhesive. With the Xtreme lash line of products you can rest assured that your makeup will play nicely with your extensions.

Lash Boutique carries Glideliner in:

• Black Pearl
• Graphite
• Xtreme Black
• Golden Olive
• Midnight Blue
• Expresso

For the entire month of July at Lash Boutique,  Xtreme Lash Glideliner is on sale for 15% off. Also receive a free sharpener with your purchase! Just mention this blog post.


Regular Price: $29

Special Price $25 + FREE Sharpener ($3) Value


Mink Madness in March

18 Mar

When you think of mink eyelash extensions, a few things come to mind… As in mink? the animal? Is it real mink? Should we alert PETA? How do you even get the mink hair? Newsflash!!! The biggest trend in eyelash extensions is the mink eyelash explosion… Everyone wears them from prom queens to blushing brides to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Katy Perry. They are perfect for women who want a more natural, feathery look. They have a subtler look than traditional synthetic extensions, and they tend to last a little longer. 

Genuine mink eyelash extensions are brushed off of live minks and they are not harmed in the process… so, please do not be alarmed! Mink eyelash extensions are a very dark, inky black color and tend to be more flexible than a typical synthetic lash extension. They give a feathery, unique look and since not every strand is identical they are inherently more natural looking. 

Faux mink lashes are a hypoallergenic alternative to genuine mink eyelash extensions. They are perfect for someone who has never had eyelash extensions due to concerns about comfort, as they are the lightest, easiest lashes to wear. Like the genuine mink, they are softer, lighter and more flexible than typical eyelash extensions. Faux mink eyelash extensions are created from synthetic materials and are the highest standard in comfort, convenience, longevity and beauty.

As with all of our other eyelash extension services, mink and faux mink eyelash extensions require lash fills every 3-4 weeks to maintain the look of your eyelashes. For the remainder of March, our faux mink eyelashes are on special. Lash Boutique is offering a full set of faux mink eyelash extensions (45 lashes per eye for a total of 90 lashes) for $150 – regularly priced at $200!


Full Set of Faux Mink Eyelashes $200 $150

(45 lashes per eye for a total of 90 lashes)

A Little Warm Weather Eyelash Inspiration

16 May


Spring Into Eyelash Inspiration

20 Mar

With the start of Spring upon us, I wanted to shower you with a few beautiful photos that I find to be very inspiring! A bit of eyelash inspiration, if you will…

Images via weheartit.com.

Beautiful Eyes Call For Beautiful Brows

28 Jan

Yes, yes… having long, lustrous eyelashes is a must for bringing out your beautiful eyes. But having defined eyebrows is just as important! From picking the perfect shade of brow color to healthy grooming habits, our friends over at Xtreme Lashes have a few helpful brow-shaping tips for us:

step 1: shade – [Always begin with a clean, dry brow, free of skincare or cosmetics!] Following your natural brow shape, apply your brow color in short, light strokes, working from the center of the brow outwards. Complete the inner portion of the brow last, to best gauge how much color is needed.

step 2: blend – Create a smooth, even finish by brushing lightly through the brows with an angled brow brush. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until desired color and coverage is achieved.

step 3: groom – Finish by taming any stray hairs using a styling wand. Allow your brow color to dry or set completely before applying any additional makeup.

Check out the full article on the Xtreme Lashes blog.

Why A Thanksgiving Hostess Is Thankful For Eyelash Extensions

23 Nov

Loving this adorable piece from the Xtreme Lashes blog! Check it out…

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I’ll be thankful to have eyelash extensions on Thanksgiving Day:

1. I have 10 million things to worry about during Thanksgiving week to prepare for the invasion of family and friends – thanks to my eyelash extensions, doing eye makeup won’t be one of them.

2. On the day of Thanksgiving I’ll probably be up before the roosters crow, leaving me to carry around a bit of undesirable extra baggage under my eyes. With amazing eyelash extensions in place, this little luggage will go unnoticed.

3. Should the stress of cooking for and entertaining a party of 25 at my home happen to reduce me to tears at some point during my Thanksgiving preparations, I will not be in any danger of looking like a raccoon. Mascara meltdowns are forever banished thanks to my eyelash extensions.

Read the full article over at XtremeLashes.com! Photo courtesy of weheartit.com.

December Eyelash Inspiration

22 Dec

Just a little eyelash inspiration to calm and soothe your senses this holiday season! xx

Photos courtesy of weheartit.com.

Halloween LASH-spiration

29 Oct

A few wildly fabu-LASH photos for your Halloween pleasure!

Photos courtesy of WeHeartIt.com.

Pretty, Pretty Lashes

26 Sep

One of my favorite blogs often posts a series of pretty photos on Sundays called “Oh You Pretty Things.” This inspires me. So in honor of this lovely fall Sunday, enjoy. xx

Photos courtesy of weheartit.com.

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