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Molly Sims Pokes Fun At ‘Lashisse’

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Molly Sims Pokes Fun At ‘Lashisse’

25 Apr

Ha! I just came across this Latisse spoof on Funny Or Die, and I seriously can’t stop laughing! The video stars one of my Lash Boutique clients, Molly Sims. The ladies in the clip poke fun at the strange (and dangerous) side effects of fictional prescription treatment, “Lashisse,” including body odor, night terrors and a change in eye color.

I actually conducted a beauty experiment awhile back and compared Latisse to Xtreme Lashes eye extensions, though I had to cease treatment because the Latisse was making my eyes red and irritated. Food for thought, ladies! Unlike Latisse, eyelash extensions are perfectly safe.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth Suffers Allergic Reaction To Eyelash Glue

27 Mar

Yikes! Actress Kristin Chenoweth was left with red, swollen eyes after suffering an allergic reaction to formaldehyde, which is an ingredient in the glue used for eyelash extensions.

This is why it is so important to discuss any potential allergies you have with your lash stylist — and to go to a reputable salon like Lash Boutique. Here at Lash Boutique, we use the best in the industry — Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions. Xtreme Lashes, along with Lash Boutique, is dedicated to the safety of its clients and consumers — the company uses only the highest quality of products available in the beauty and health fields.

We do use a medical-grade adhesive (the same kind used by surgeons) which does contain a miniscule amount of formaldehyde, as there is no evidence supporting that a completely formaldehyde-free adhesive exists. Always be honest with your stylist about any allergies or potential concerns! Click here to read more about safety precautions taken by Xtreme Lashes and their products.


Katy Perry Loves Her Lash Extensions

28 Dec

Pop superstar Katy Perry swears by her eyelash extensions! She recently dished to Allure.com about her favorite beauty ritual:

“I love, love, love — if I have an extra-long amount of time — to get lash extensions. They look like you’re wearing a strip every single day,” Katy recently revealed to the beauty editors at Allure.

So true, Katy! And so worth the extra time, might we add.


Lorraine Bracco From ‘The Sopranos’ Gets Lash Extensions

16 Dec

Lorraine Bracco from The Sopranos recently stopped by Lash Boutique to get a set of eyelash extensions! Lorraine opted for the Gorgeous Set of 90 lashes per eye. She was extremely kind and absolutely loved her lashes!

Lash Boutique Featured In Xtreme Lashes Catalog

1 Dec

Aww, check it out! I was just looking through the latest Xtreme Lashes catalog when I saw a familiar face. *blushing* Lash Boutique has been featured! You can see me on the right in two photos — one with client Molly Sims and one with client Danielle Jonas shortly before her wedding with Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. What a fun surprise! xx

Here Comes The Bride…

8 Jun

One of my favorite things about summer are all of the beautiful warm-weather weddings! (And it’s a busy time of the year for me, which of course I always love.) So many of my new clients that come in are soon-to-be brides — including Danielle Jonas, who came in last winter for a set of gorgeous lashes just before marrying Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers! So for all you future brides — I’m happy to apply a full set of Dramatic Lashes about a month before your big day at a $50 discount, and then we can schedule you for a lash refill the day before your wedding. This way, you’ll have a few weeks to get used to the lashes and how they feel (and of course make sure you love them!) Email appointments@lashboutique.com or call 347.417.6004 to book your pre-wedding appointment.

Jonas Bride Goes Glam

10 Jan

Newlywed Danielle Jonas visited me just before her super-secret New York wedding to Kevin Jonas of the popular Jonas Brothers trio. To glam up her pretty brown eyes, I applied my Dramatic set of Xtreme Lashes® (90 lashes per eye) to achieve the stunning style that Danielle wanted for her special day. Judging from the piece in People magazine, she certainly was gorgeous! “I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride,” Kevin gushed to the magazine. Kevin and Danielle were so sweet and gracious — I adore them, and wish them all the best in their marriage!

Molly Sims Loves Her New Lashes!

10 Jan

Supermodel and Las Vegas TV star Molly Sims came to see me before the launch of her beautiful new jewelry line, Grayce. To look her best for the big debut, we decided to go all out, so I gave Molly my Dramatic set (90 lashes per eye). Molly later sent me two text messages to let me know how much she loves her new lashes. I’ve never had a single complaint from anyone, but it was still extremely flattering to hear how happy she was!

Idol-Worthy Lashes

24 Jun

I love getting new clients via word-of-mouth! That’s how American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee found me. She called when she was recently in town and wanted me to enhance her lashes. She was so sweet and her chihuahua Nina was in her arms throughout the entire procedure. Katharine loved her lashes so much that she said she would come back for a re-lash touch-up the next time she was in NYC!

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