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How Does Cold Weather Affect Lash Extensions?

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Lash Extensions?

24 Nov

Snow is Falling

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you might be wondering whether the cold weather will affect your extensions or what you can do to keep them  looking and feeling great this winter. The good news is that lash extensions, once they are applied and let set, they are extremely durable. Each extension is glued to a natural lash for it’s full lifespan, meaning that nothing can separate that extension from your lash until the lash itself falls out. The average life-span of a natural eyelash is about six to ten weeks. Our clients usually come in for lash fills every two two three weeks to maintain the FULL effect.

In the winter, the cold air can be dry, and dry skin will affect the health of your natural lashes themselves. This means you might shed more lashes in cold months than you do at other times of the year, and that could result in shorter-lasting extensions. Be proactive about protecting your lashes. The best thing you can do for your extensions is to maintain a healthy skincare routine all year round.

-Drink lots of water to keep your skin and hair moisturized


-Avoid oil-based products, like makeup remover, on your lashes as it may break down the adhesive. We like to use Xtreme lashes oil-free formulated makeup remover (available at Lash Boutique!)

-Try not to rub your eyes (even when washing your face). Dab gently instead.

-Do not use metal/crimp eyelash curlers as will damage the extensions.

-Follow the aftercare instructions we gave you!


XOXO,   Lash Boutique

November at Lash Boutique

5 Nov

Welcome to the November Newsletter for Lash Boutique. If you choose to continue receiving this newsletter, we will keep you up to date with the latest info and specials. Remember to stay in touch with us via social media as well, as we sometimes announce flash deals on our facebook, instagram, and twitter.

We have a great new gift certificate special for you this month, keep reading for details.


Want to see Cheri while she’s in NYC this November? 

Cheri has appointments available just in time for Thanksgiving, November 24, 25, and 26. Act quickly, spaces are filling up fast!

November Specials

Gift Certificate Special

We have a new Gift Certificate special that we are excited to share with you!

Gift Certificates For New Clients

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Gift Certificates for Current Clients

Buy a GC for an existing client and receive 15% off your fill that day.
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$150                   $22.50
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Gift Certificates must be used within 6 months of the purchase date. You may not buy gift certificates for personal use. Our appointment cancellation policy applies to gift certificates, and payment methods are the same

Other Special Offers

Referral Program

For every client you refer who schedules with us you will receive 20% off your following touch up. Referred client must attend their scheduled appointment before you receive the discounted touch up.

Lash Dollars – Lash Boutique’s Ultimate Prepaid Card

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Spooky and Sexy Halloween Lash Looks

24 Oct

Halloween ideas for those who don’t want to look like a dork in a full on costume. Just play up your lashes, throw on an LBD and you are good to go!

Catch them in your web

Add a little bit of Halloween flare with faux spider web lashes. We love how subtle and festive these are!

Inline image 21

Or, you can take the spider-lady look  a step further, with spider webs that extend up past your brows, and down to your cheekbones. Using an eye pencil (preferably one that stays put!) draw vertical lines that start above and below your lash lines. Connect the vertical lines with swooping horizontal lines, and add a few stick on gems (if you’re into that sort of thing).


Inline image 5


Birds of Paradise

We LOVE fun, feather faux lashes, and they come in almost any feather you can imagine. They look fabulous, and aren’t much more difficult to apply than regular strip lashes. Throw on peacock feather lashes and a turquoise dress, and boom- you’re a peacock


.Inline image 22

Inline image 15

Inline image 23

Inline image 24


Ornate paper lashes

These intricate lashes are fun and festive. Pair them with a black lace dress for a gothic glam look. Careful not to get teary-eyed or stand in the rain while wearing these babies.

Inline image 25

Inline image 7

The Smokiet Eye

Spooky, smoky and sexy eyes are hauntingly beautiful. Shadow your lids with a dark smoky shade from your lash line right up to your brow bone, and swept under the eyes. Or go dark and shimmery with onyx hued shimmer. Bonus points for spooky contacts. Apply strips of thick faux lashes for extra impact.

Inline image 13

Inline image 14

Easy, Chic Halloween Costumes That Are All About The Lashes

1 Oct

Happy Halloween from Lash Boutique!

We LOVE dressing up for Halloween, and we’ve come up with some fun, chic, and easy halloween costumes for you to DIY. All of these ladies are known for having fabulous eyelashes (just like you!) so play up your lashes this Hallow’s Eve.



Elvira, Mistress of Horror is a spooky 80s classic. Get the look with a low-cut black dress and push-up bra… muster up as much cleavage as you can. Find yourself a big black wig and tease and hairspray that thing into a luscious backcombed mullet. Next apply lots of eyeliner, and big, bold lashes. There is a great step-by-step makeup tutorial here to get the scary/sexy Elvira eyes.
Inline image 3Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Edie Sedgewick

Channel Andy Warhol’s muse with mod eyeliner, thick lashes, and mussed up hair. Roots growing out? Even better. Toss on your largest pair of chandelier earrings, and a fur coat and you are good to go! Check out this quick and easy (5 minute!) tutorial from Rookie Magazine for how to create the PERFECT mod eye.

Inline image 10

Inline image 17

Inline image 9


Such a simple costume! Slip into a mod little dress and give your hair a deep side part. If your hair is long, just tuck it back into a sleek low bun. Now for the makeup, use the same mod tutorial as we mentioned above. And, to make the look undeniably Twiggy, take liquid liner (or a sharp pencil) and draw thick lines about 3mm apart on your lower eyelid. The effect will look like thick little clusters of lashes on your lower lash line.Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Ariana Grande

It’s always fun to dress as the buzziest pop-tart of the moment. Remember all those Miley costumes last year… and Gaga costumes the year before? Come to life Bratz doll, Ariana Grande, just might be “the” pop star costume of 2014. All you need for this look is: Luscious long eyelashes (check!), ANY dress from hot topic, sky high heels and a ton of fake hair. Give yourself a winged cat eye, create the largest ponytail imaginable, and carry around a shiny microphone. Don’t forget the diva attitude… and you are good to go.

Inline image 3

Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games

The wacky host of the hunger games is always in the craziest monochromatic get ups with killer bright makeup and crazy lashes. Here’s how to get the look: find the wackiest, most “out there” garment in your closet and use it as the base for your costume. Now, fill in the rest of your outfit with other garments of a similar hue. Find a wig and eyeshadow in the same color, and some bright faux flowers or butterflies to pin on your outfit or in your hair. Get creative! Now for the part we are most concerned with, lashes! This is your chance to wear the craziest false lashes you can find! Effie has been seen wearing very intricate lash extensions made from cut paper that we just love!

Inline image 8

Inline image 7

And there you have it, 5 fun costumes to emphasize those lovely lashes of yours. What are YOU going to be for halloween? Let us know in the comments!


Lash Boutique

PS. Want to create the most puurrrfect cat eye? We love Xtreme Lashes Glideliner eyeliner, it creates a long-lasting, precise line and it comes in a gorgeous range of colors. Make sure you take advantage of our Halloween special. Xtreme Lashes Glideliner is 15% for the entire month of October

Regular Price: $29 
Special Price: $24.50

How to Strengthen Your Natural Lashes

26 Aug

We all want our lashes to be long, thick and strong. Not everyone is blessed with a thick fan of eyelashes (naturally) but there is definitely help available! Eyelash extensions adhere best to eyelashes that are healthy and abundant. The more eyelashes you have, the more extensions you will be able to wear. Fuller and thicker lashes also help to keep the extension from weighing down your natural lash. If you’ve ever experienced your extensions “drooping” a little bit, it may be because your natural lashes are a little on the wispy side.  A diet rich in proteins, iron, and antioxidants will help to those lashes growing strong.
There are also excellent vitamin supplements available that will promote the growth of your eyelashes. We love Amplifeye Lash and Brow Fortifier from Xtreme Lashes. It’s a daily vitamin supplement that is proven to condition, strengthen, and nourish your lashes AND eyebrows ( because we know how important eyebrows are these days). 

Inline image 2



Amplifeye combines 3 peptide complexes, vitamins, and nutrient-rich botanicals to stimulate and fortify your hair folicle growth (see the full vitamin breakdown and other details here). The cherry on top of this already sweet product is that it will also strengthen your nails, improve the texture of your skin and make your hair thicker and shinier. It will stimulate the growth of your hair, and can also can prevent premature greying and shedding. If you find that your hair is thin and brittle, this supplement will improve the condition and growth rate. Results will vary from person to person, but tend to be seen within 6 weeks. 

Inline image 1

Find Your Favorite Falsies! Pros and Cons of Differenet False Lashes

15 Aug

At Lash Boutique we love ALL lashes, but some we love more than others. False lashes are not created equally and there is a definite hierarchy. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each type


Individual Eyelash Extensions

Our obvious favorite is individual eyelash extensions (cuz hey, that’s what we do!). Individual eyelash extensions are glued one by one to your own lashes. It takes about an hour to have the lashes applied, and they need to be filled in approximately every two to three weeks to maintain the full look. If this sounds high maintenance to you, trust us, it’s not. Having individual eyelash extensions will cut out most of your morning beauty regime. There’s nothing better than waking up with long perfect eyelashes. #FLAWLESS. You can ditch that mascara, and likely that eyeliner as well. Individual eyelash extensions can look as natural or as glam as you want them to. Some clients go for a super natural look, and others like to have an extensions glued to every single one of their natural lashes on both their top and bottom lash line. They are fully customizable.





Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are great for a temporary look. It takes a little while to fully master the art of applying them properly. We love them for special events, costume parties, halloween, or any time that you want a super bold look. Of course, there are many natural looking strip lashes on the market, but we don’t recommend them for every day. The largest reasons being that they are so time consuming to apply. Another downfall is that they only last for one use, and quality falsies can get very expensive. They are a great way to try out a new look if you’re not ready to commit to extensions. Strip lashes come in fun materials like feathers, jewels, even paper!





Cluster Lashes

First of all,  you should NEVER have cluster lashes permanently glued to your lashes. There are some “Lash Technicians” out there who will offer this as a service, but it is extremely damaging to your own set of natural lashes. The weight of the cluster is too much for a natural lash to support, and they twist and turn as your lashes creating a yucky spidery look (see horrifying image below). We have seen and heard horror stories of women who have lost their lashes due to this. Now that being said, temporarily applied cluster lashes are just fine. They look more natural as compared to strip lashes, and work well for giving your lashes just a little boost.



Never have cluster lashes permanently glued to your lashes!





Alopecia and Eyelash Extensions

7 Aug

Alopecia Areata is a condition in which an autoimmune response causes hair loss, including the loss of eyelashes. About 2 percent of Americans have some form of the disease. Any part of the body with hair can be affected, but eyelashes and eyebrows typically only fall out in people with severe cases. Furthermore, cases of alopecia involving only the eyelashes are extremely rare. Eyelash extensions can sometimes be a good option for those affected by Alopecia.

Because eyelash extensions must be applied one by one to each individual natural lash, you must have some lashes to receive the procedure. As with all eyelash extensions, the length of extensions that you are able to wear depends on the length of your natural eyelash. Clients with very limited lashes can receive eyelash extensions, so long as the lashes are strong enough to support the weight of the extensions. In many situations, eyelash extensions can be applied to those who have the condition, but every case is different.

In order to create more volume with less extensions, 2 strand Y-lash extensions can be applied to individual lashes. These lashes are made of two individual eyelash extensions that are joined together without a knot. The fact that there is no knot makes the extensions sit properly on the lash without extra bulk at the base of the lash. Standard synthetic lashes may be too heavy to sit on weakened eyelashes. If this is the case it may be better to try eyelash extensions that are made from genuine siberian mink, or human hair. These types of extensions are much lighter, so they will not weigh down fine lashes. The porous nature of natural fibers also adheres better to the lashes.

One inspiring young woman who has Alopecia is former Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell. She has been bald since the age of 12 and by the time she was 13, she had full blown alopecia. But that didn’t stop her from rocking out pageants.






Beauty comes in many different forms!


Sources: Dermatology Online Journal, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, People.com

How to Curl Your Lash Extensions

2 Aug

Eyelash extensions generally hold true to their shape and level of curl. But sometimes you want a little more curl in one spot, a little less in another to get just the right look. Ensuring that your lashes are curved up and outward from your eyes will make them look as big and bright as possible.

The number one thing to remember is to make sure that you DO NOT use a metal crimp style eyelash curler. They are not gentle enough to be used with extensions, and the pressure can wreak havoc on the attachment bonds. Metal curlers can damage your natural lashes as well; if you aren’t gentle enough, it can tear lashes out at the root (scary).

A heated, wand style eyelash curler is the best way to curl your extensions. They give a precise curl by heating the lash from root to tip. There are several different ones on the market, but our favourite is from Xtreme Lashes. It applies a long lasting curl through gentle heat and will not damage your lashes. It also smoothes mascara and guides your lashes into place with it’s gentle comb.

It takes about fifteen seconds to heat up once you turn it on and then you simply place the comb on the lash line just above lashes and gently lift to comb lashes into the shape you want like a mascara brush. Hold for a few second and repeat across the lashline until you get the look you like.




How to use it:

1. Turn on the wand, it heats up in 15 seconds

2. Hold the wand on the lash line just above lashes

3. Gently and slowly lift to comb lashes into the shape you want, like a mascara brush

4. Hold for a few second and repeat across the lashline until your curl looks just right

5. Bat your lashes and have a fabulous day!


For the entire month of August, our heated eyelash curler is 20% off!

Regular Price: $35
Special Price: $28



images via xtremelashes.com, glamour.com

Lash Extensions For The Bride

22 Jul

Inline image 3


If you’re about to say “I do” anytime soon, then you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about exactly how you want to look in those photos that are going to sit on your fireplace for the rest of your life. It’s a big decision, right? Eyelash extensions are a dream come true for brides. They’re easy to care for and can look as natural or as glam as you want. They just make your eyes look “done”. They’re photo-ready, open-eyed and stunning. Plus, you can rest assured that a strip lash won’t spring free as you gaze into your new spouse’s startled face. Also, they’ll make your honeymoon a breeze. Less fussing with your makeup, and more fussing with your honey. So between your cake tasting, updo tries, and and makeup trials, make sure that you try your eyelash extensions, too. It’s ideal to try them about a month before your wedding. That way you can tell your last stylist exactly what look you’d like – with NO surprises before the big day. Check out our pro tips…


6 Pro Tips For Brides:


1. Come in for a set of lashes well in advance of your wedding. As with anything new to your beauty routine it’s best to get to know how eyelash extensions work for your face. This way you can get used to the look of them, and assess the set of lashes that is right for you.

Inline image 2


2. Practice posing in pictures before and after, with and without eyelash extensions. Notice the difference!


3. Make sure you get your tan/spray tan/airbrush before you get your lashes done. After you get a new set of lashes (or a lash fill) the adhesive needs 24 hours to properly set. Excessive heat, moisture, steam, water, and exposure to oils and creams can break down the bond of the glue.

Inline image 4


4.Use a mascara that is specially formulated for a dramatic look. You’ll want full length and volume on the big day so your eyes pop! Also make sure that your mascara is formulated for eyelash extensions. Regular mascaras can interfere with the adhesive.


5. Find photos of eyelash looks that you love. Bring them in, and our technicians can adapt your favorite look to suit you face.


6. Smile and enjoy yourself!





Lash Boutique



photos via weheartit.com

Why are men’s lashes so much longer?

15 Jul

Have you ever wondered why men seem to have stronger, thicker, longer eyelashes than women? Long, curly lashes extending from your eyes make your eyes look much bigger. This exaggerate the proportions of your face, making them closer to the proportions of a child’s face. Thus making one appear more youthful.
Fun Fact! Men’s long eyelashes are actually an evolutionary adaptation, dating back to hunter-gatherer days. Males required more protection from the elements than their female counterparts back in the day. Eyelashes and eyebrows (and all body hair for that matter) help to protect you from dust, dirt and sweat. Men, in general, simply have more hair everywhere on their bodies, including their eyelashes.
Oh well, that’s why we have eyelash extensions, right?

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