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Are you using the right mascara?

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Are you using the right mascara?

17 Apr

One of the greatest things about having individual eyelash extensions is the fact that you don’t need to wear mascara anymore. However, sometimes it’s nice to kick it up a notch. Now ladies, we sincerely hope that when you do decide to paint those lashes that you do so with mascara that is properly formulated!


Regular mascara will break down the bonding agent in the adhesive and can cause your lash extensions to warp or fall off. Some of our clients say things like: “But I’m only using it on the bottom lashes, I don’t even have extensions there… so it’s ok to use my regular mascara just there, right?” Wrong. Moisture, sweat, excessively touching, and rubbing your eyes, or even just the bottom lashes touching the top ones can cause the mascara to come into contact with the bond. So toss out those old mascaras! This video will show you how to properly apply (and remove) your mascara…

We want your eyelash extensions to last as long as possible, so use a mascara that is specially formulated for use with your eyelash extensions. Our favorite is Xtreme Lash, Xtreme Length and volume Mascara. It has a large, lash-maximizing brush that thickens each lash from base to tip. The color-rich formula creates high-impact definition, volume, and separation without any clumps, flakes, or smudges. It also contains lash-conditioning ingredients, such as vitamin B and is ideal for sensitive eyes.

This week at Lash Boutique, (April 18-25) Xtreme Lash, Xtreme Length and volume Mascara is on sale for $25! (Regularly priced $28)


Celebrity Lashes

8 Apr


Cheri had the pleasure of doing Téa Leoni’s lashes, and she looks fabulous! It was a pleasure to have her in the boutique.

Spa Week

4 Apr

Celebrate Spa week with Lash Boutique! April 21-27
National Spa Week is taking place from April 21st through the 27th when hundreds of spas, fitness facilities, and other health and wellness centers nationwide offer services at fantastic discounts. Now in its 10th year, Spa Week is the perfect solution to affordably treat body and mind. In honor of Spa Week, Lash Boutique is offering 6 specials. Please see below for details.

large-3Spa Week SpecialsFlirt Set (25 lashes per eye)             $75 $50

Natural Set (45 lashes per eye)        $150 $125

Signature Set (65 lashes per eye)     $250 $200

Gorgeous Set (85 lashes per eye)     $350 $300

Dramatic Set (105 lashes per eye)    $500 $425

Lower Lashes (25 lashes per eye)      $55 $50


Also Save $$ with Lash Dollars

Buy $500 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $550 Lash Dollars

Buy $1000 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $1100 Lash Dollars

Buy $1500 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $1675 Lash Dollars

Buy $2000 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $2250 Lash Dollars


Mink Madness in March

18 Mar

When you think of mink eyelash extensions, a few things come to mind… As in mink? the animal? Is it real mink? Should we alert PETA? How do you even get the mink hair? Newsflash!!! The biggest trend in eyelash extensions is the mink eyelash explosion… Everyone wears them from prom queens to blushing brides to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Katy Perry. They are perfect for women who want a more natural, feathery look. They have a subtler look than traditional synthetic extensions, and they tend to last a little longer. 

Genuine mink eyelash extensions are brushed off of live minks and they are not harmed in the process… so, please do not be alarmed! Mink eyelash extensions are a very dark, inky black color and tend to be more flexible than a typical synthetic lash extension. They give a feathery, unique look and since not every strand is identical they are inherently more natural looking. 

Faux mink lashes are a hypoallergenic alternative to genuine mink eyelash extensions. They are perfect for someone who has never had eyelash extensions due to concerns about comfort, as they are the lightest, easiest lashes to wear. Like the genuine mink, they are softer, lighter and more flexible than typical eyelash extensions. Faux mink eyelash extensions are created from synthetic materials and are the highest standard in comfort, convenience, longevity and beauty.

As with all of our other eyelash extension services, mink and faux mink eyelash extensions require lash fills every 3-4 weeks to maintain the look of your eyelashes. For the remainder of March, our faux mink eyelashes are on special. Lash Boutique is offering a full set of faux mink eyelash extensions (45 lashes per eye for a total of 90 lashes) for $150 – regularly priced at $200!


Full Set of Faux Mink Eyelashes $200 $150

(45 lashes per eye for a total of 90 lashes)

Happy Valentines Day!

15 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Lash Lovers! The day of love is coming to an end, but our Valentines specials are running all month!


Service Specials
Buy a $150 Gift Certificate… Receive 25% off one time service
Buy a $300 Gift Certificate… Receive 50% off one time service
 *Gift card purchase must be for a new client in order to receive the discount
Product Special
After care kit sale price $75 (regular price $105)


Lower Lash Extensions!

11 Feb

Many of our clients have been inquiring about lower lash eyelash extensions, and we are very excited to offer them in addition to our menu of services at Lash Lala Boutique.

We all know and love the dramatic effect that eyelash extensions have on the upper lid. Adding lashes on the bottom will take your eyes to a whole new level. Check out the before and after photo of our client!


For the remainder of February and all of March we are offering a promotion. A full set of  lower lash extensions is normally $65.00 and the special price is $55.00.

Valentines Day Specials!

7 Feb

We have fabulous Valentines day specials for you at Lash Lala Boutique! Gift some eyelash love to a friend (who is a new client) and get a deal for yourself at the same time! If you buy a Gift Certificate for a new client of $150, you will receive 25% off your next service. If you buy $300 in Gift Certificates for new clients, you will receive $50% your next service. We also have a great special on product! From now until February 28th, our aftercare kit which includes a large bottle of remover, mascara, and protective lash coating is on sale for $75, a savings of 30%! 



Specials in effect from now
until February 28th! 
Service Specials
Buy a $150 Gift Certificate
Receive 25% off one time service*
Buy a $300 Gift Certificate
Receive 50% off one time service*
Product special
After care kit  sale price $75 (regular price $105)


*Gift card purchase must be for a new client in order to receive the discount



If the price is too good to be true, well, you need to read this!…

4 Feb

You need to ask yourself …. Do they apply individual eyelash extensions everyday?
I don’t care what a person in  the industry tells you… You have to stop and think about the following: How do they know what is best for my eyelashes? I would never tell a client of mine what is best for their skin… and the same should be for eyelashes…. In the longrun, How would they know?   If th
ey are not certified technicians and they lack they  the experience of seeing clients and doing their lashes every day…who are they to tell you what is best and where to go? 
At Lash Boutique ALL WE DO ARE LASHES! It is our speciality! Just lashes! For  8 years+ I have only done eyelash extensions. Sure, the industry has changed a bit with the types, color, sizes, thickness, and lenghts but, I pride myself with keeping up with the latest techniques and trends in all types of  extensions…. I care about you and your lashes.  I’ve worked for the top company in the industry and was also a trainier for 2+ years. I KNOW EYELASHES! 
I’ve seen eyelash extensions look great
from the front and then look not-so-great from behind ( the angle you don’t see). I wear magnifing lenses and I see the things that the natural eye will not be able to catch. This is scary because you could be causing damage to your lashes. In the long term especially over time you could possibly damage your own natural lashes.  This will happen ladies. I have seen it far too many times!  Eventually, you will not have any of your own natural lashes left.  I don’t want you to think that you can pay bargain basement prices and think you are getting a steal when you could cause damage. You pay these unbelievable low prices and then could regret your decision.   No one who does lashes like we do would charge these low prices.  If they are really good (like you think) they would know to charge more. 
If someone is charging $30-$50 for a full set or fill they ARE NOT DOING IT CORRECTLY.
I charge what I charge because I have the experience and Lash Boutique’s lashes will not damage your own natural lashes.   No matter how long you’ve been getting lashes here, if that one day comes and you want to stop you will see that everything will be just as it was prior to lash extensions.  
If you take away anything its that I want you to be aware and I can now lay my head down at night knowing I helped educate you on your lashes!
There are no deals on lash extensions. If it is to good to be true than it is not the best thing for you. 
In more exciting news! I am expanding!!! Location #2 is open in Portland, OR!

Amanda Dolan, Artist Extraordinaire!

27 Feb

We are thrilled to let you know about an amazing artist & Lash Boutique friend, Amanda Dolan. Please visit her website & show her some love!

Check out this gorgeous artwork she made especially for us – thanks Amanda!

AMPLIFEYE® Lash & Brow Fortifier

25 Feb

A targeted treatment like no other, Amplifeye® Lash & Brow Fortifier combines 3 proven peptide complexes, vitamins and nutrient-rich botanical extracts to nourish and fortify eyelashes and brows in one step. With an innovative delivery system, this powerful blend of ingredients conditions, strengthens and nourishes for remarkably beautiful results. With daily use, eyelashes and brows appear dramatically longer, fuller and more abundant. Amplifeye® also helps create a strong foundation for eyelash extension application


  • Maximum concentration of 3 proven peptide complexes
  • 10 botanicals nourish and restore the appearance of eyelashes and brows
  • Innovative liposomal delivery system efficiently facilitates the passage of ingredients
  • Prostaglandin-free and drug-free. No risk of iris or eyelid discoloration
  • Fragrance-free and dye-free
  • Compatible with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions
  • High-performance botanicals
  • Green tea, borage, saw palmetto, evening primrose, nettle, apple, sugar cane, rosemary leaf, ginseng and witch hazel.

Behind the Science

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which hair is made up of. As the aging process occurs, amino acid levels gradually decline, resulting in weak, thin, short and sparse lashes and brows. Amplifeye® contains the highest level of amino acid-rich peptides, which replenish amino acids at the follicle level, to visibly fortify and rejuvenate hair growth.

You can get this amazing product at Lash Boutique for $120.

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