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Lash Extensions For The Bride

22 Jul

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If you’re about to say “I do” anytime soon, then you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about exactly how you want to look in those photos that are going to sit on your fireplace for the rest of your life. It’s a big decision, right? Eyelash extensions are a dream come true for brides. They’re easy to care for and can look as natural or as glam as you want. They just make your eyes look “done”. They’re photo-ready, open-eyed and stunning. Plus, you can rest assured that a strip lash won’t spring free as you gaze into your new spouse’s startled face. Also, they’ll make your honeymoon a breeze. Less fussing with your makeup, and more fussing with your honey. So between your cake tasting, updo tries, and and makeup trials, make sure that you try your eyelash extensions, too. It’s ideal to try them about a month before your wedding. That way you can tell your last stylist exactly what look you’d like – with NO surprises before the big day. Check out our pro tips…


6 Pro Tips For Brides:


1. Come in for a set of lashes well in advance of your wedding. As with anything new to your beauty routine it’s best to get to know how eyelash extensions work for your face. This way you can get used to the look of them, and assess the set of lashes that is right for you.

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2. Practice posing in pictures before and after, with and without eyelash extensions. Notice the difference!


3. Make sure you get your tan/spray tan/airbrush before you get your lashes done. After you get a new set of lashes (or a lash fill) the adhesive needs 24 hours to properly set. Excessive heat, moisture, steam, water, and exposure to oils and creams can break down the bond of the glue.

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4.Use a mascara that is specially formulated for a dramatic look. You’ll want full length and volume on the big day so your eyes pop! Also make sure that your mascara is formulated for eyelash extensions. Regular mascaras can interfere with the adhesive.


5. Find photos of eyelash looks that you love. Bring them in, and our technicians can adapt your favorite look to suit you face.


6. Smile and enjoy yourself!





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Why are men’s lashes so much longer?

15 Jul

Have you ever wondered why men seem to have stronger, thicker, longer eyelashes than women? Long, curly lashes extending from your eyes make your eyes look much bigger. This exaggerate the proportions of your face, making them closer to the proportions of a child’s face. Thus making one appear more youthful.
Fun Fact! Men’s long eyelashes are actually an evolutionary adaptation, dating back to hunter-gatherer days. Males required more protection from the elements than their female counterparts back in the day. Eyelashes and eyebrows (and all body hair for that matter) help to protect you from dust, dirt and sweat. Men, in general, simply have more hair everywhere on their bodies, including their eyelashes.
Oh well, that’s why we have eyelash extensions, right?

Have you Heard?

10 Jul

 Did you know that Lash Boutique has a referral program?




By asking our existing clients to recommend us to potential new clients, we bring more people like you into our “family” of clients, and we love that idea!

For each new client you refer, we will give you 20% off your next lash fill. The discount can only be applied after the new client has attended (and paid for) their first set of lashes.

Thank you for being a loyal client of Lash Boutique!

Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul


Happy 4th of July to all of the Lash Lovers out there! Wishing you a safe and beautiful day with family and friends!








Lash Boutique


No More Summer Smudges!

27 Jun


Keeping up with a beauty routine in the summer has its challenges. The heat and humidity can make it nearly impossible for makeup to stay on your face, making your perfectly applied makeup look like an impressionist painting. Fortunately, Xtreme Lash Glideliner has you covered. It’s an eye pencil that you will love if you want a long-wearing liner that is easy to apply, easy to smudge but stays put once it’s set.

This pencil has the sleekness and rich pigment of liquid or gel eyeliner without the difficult application process. Not everyone is adept at creating a perfect cat-eye with liquid liner, but luckily this pencil will give you the same look with a fraction of the effort. It glides on super smoothly and easily without tugging or pulling at your eyelids, leaving a precise line and perfectly defined eye. After applying, you have about 20 seconds of working time before the liner sets, so you can leave it defined or smudge away. The innovative gel technology of the liner is also infused with skin-soothing vitamin E. Best of all, it is formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions. Some products contain ingredients that can break down eyelash extension adhesive. With the Xtreme lash line of products you can rest assured that your makeup will play nicely with your extensions.

Lash Boutique carries Glideliner in:

• Black Pearl
• Graphite
• Xtreme Black
• Golden Olive
• Midnight Blue
• Expresso

For the entire month of July at Lash Boutique,  Xtreme Lash Glideliner is on sale for 15% off. Also receive a free sharpener with your purchase! Just mention this blog post.


Regular Price: $29

Special Price $25 + FREE Sharpener ($3) Value


June Newsletter

5 Jun

Summer is here!

Welcome to the June Newsletter for Lash Boutique. If you choose to continue receiving this newsletter, we will keep you up to date with the latest information and specials. Also, remember to stay in touch with us on our facebook page, twitter, and instagram as we sometimes offer flash deals for limited amounts.


Our Payment methods have changed

In order to keep prices competitive, Lash Boutique is now using a new system to process payment. We are sorry for any inconvenience. As of May 20, 2014 Lash Boutique accepts the following forms of payment: Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Cash, and Personal and Business Checks made out to Lash Boutique.


For the Entire month of June receive 20% off our Xtreme Lash Eye Makeup Remover.

Large Makeup Remover 120mL
$32 special price: $28

Small Makeup Remover 15mL
$16 special price: $13

This soothing Aloe Vera-based eye makeup remover gently cleanses and moisturizes the delicate eye area. Formulated for use on eyelash extensions and natural lashes, it contains no artificial colors, fragrances or oils, which can damage and even dissolve the lash adhesive. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

*This offer is available for all clients – Just mention this newsletter! Stay tuned all summer, as we will offer new specials every month!

7 Things you didn’t know about your lashes

16 May

We know you LOVE your lashes, but how much do you really know about eyelashes in general? Check out these 7 fun facts that you might not have known…

1. They fall out every day!

We lose on average; one to five lashes each and every day. For each lash you lose, it takes four to eight weeks for a new one to grow to it’s full length.


2. Upper and lower lashes are different

Upper lashes are much longer and fuller than lower lashes. Your upper lash line has about 200 lashes, whereas your lower lid typically only has 100.


3. They have a 3 month life cycle

The lifespan of an eyelash is about 90 days, but varies from person to person.


4. Only mammals have them

The only animals that have eyelashes are Mammals! Animals from the Desert have the longest lashes of all! They’ve evolved that way to keep the dust and sand out of their eyes.


5. They have things living in them

There are tiny mites living at the base of your eyelashes. But don’t freak out! These little critters, called Demodex, actually have your back. When you sleep, they eat the cells shed by your lashes, keeping follicles from getting clogged!

creepy crawlies

6. Eyelashes are mostly made of protein

Eyelashes are 97% Keratin and 3% Water.


7. Mascara is an American Invention

In 1917, Maybelline created the first ever mascara. It was made from a mixture of black coal and Vaseline. It was an instant hit with women!



Are you using the right mascara?

17 Apr

One of the greatest things about having individual eyelash extensions is the fact that you don’t need to wear mascara anymore. However, sometimes it’s nice to kick it up a notch. Now ladies, we sincerely hope that when you do decide to paint those lashes that you do so with mascara that is properly formulated!


Regular mascara will break down the bonding agent in the adhesive and can cause your lash extensions to warp or fall off. Some of our clients say things like: “But I’m only using it on the bottom lashes, I don’t even have extensions there… so it’s ok to use my regular mascara just there, right?” Wrong. Moisture, sweat, excessively touching, and rubbing your eyes, or even just the bottom lashes touching the top ones can cause the mascara to come into contact with the bond. So toss out those old mascaras! This video will show you how to properly apply (and remove) your mascara…

We want your eyelash extensions to last as long as possible, so use a mascara that is specially formulated for use with your eyelash extensions. Our favorite is Xtreme Lash, Xtreme Length and volume Mascara. It has a large, lash-maximizing brush that thickens each lash from base to tip. The color-rich formula creates high-impact definition, volume, and separation without any clumps, flakes, or smudges. It also contains lash-conditioning ingredients, such as vitamin B and is ideal for sensitive eyes.

This week at Lash Boutique, (April 18-25) Xtreme Lash, Xtreme Length and volume Mascara is on sale for $25! (Regularly priced $28)


Celebrity Lashes

8 Apr


Cheri had the pleasure of doing Téa Leoni’s lashes, and she looks fabulous! It was a pleasure to have her in the boutique.

Spa Week

4 Apr

Celebrate Spa week with Lash Boutique! April 21-27
National Spa Week is taking place from April 21st through the 27th when hundreds of spas, fitness facilities, and other health and wellness centers nationwide offer services at fantastic discounts. Now in its 10th year, Spa Week is the perfect solution to affordably treat body and mind. In honor of Spa Week, Lash Boutique is offering 6 specials. Please see below for details.

large-3Spa Week SpecialsFlirt Set (25 lashes per eye)             $75 $50

Natural Set (45 lashes per eye)        $150 $125

Signature Set (65 lashes per eye)     $250 $200

Gorgeous Set (85 lashes per eye)     $350 $300

Dramatic Set (105 lashes per eye)    $500 $425

Lower Lashes (25 lashes per eye)      $55 $50


Also Save $$ with Lash Dollars

Buy $500 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $550 Lash Dollars

Buy $1000 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $1100 Lash Dollars

Buy $1500 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $1675 Lash Dollars

Buy $2000 Lash Dollars – - Receive  $2250 Lash Dollars



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